Metaphoria was incorporated in June 2010 to fill an existing need for pictorial representations of information, mainly in the corporate sector in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our services include the following:

• editorial illustration
• information design
• sales tools
• traditional infographics
• training/instructional materials
• visual communication
• graphic recording
• professional keynote/powerpoint presentations

We absolutely love what we do and we aim to make every piece better than the last.

Miracle worker


Andrew is generally considered the all-round miracle worker. Not only extremely creative and knowledgable of all things IT, he also sprinkles magic dust over everything he does, whether it’s conceptualising, sketching, designing or adding the finishing touches.

Speciality: Gourmet cooking.




Bernice makes sure we deliver on our promises through careful listening, sticking to timelines and briefs and quality control. Her eagle eye misses next to nothing! That honours degree in Illustration comes in handy when conceptualising or critiquing a piece.

Speciality: Drinking coffee.




Thomas’s brain and fingers work as fast as his superbike can ride. This multi-talented lad brings an undeniable energy and wit to the drawing table.

Specialities: Flying light aircraft and spearfishing.





James will breathe natural life into your static pictures. Considered by some in the industry as among the best Adobe Flash animators currently operating in South Africa, his sense of timing and almost imperceptable smoothness of movement will leave you enthralled.

Speciality: Creating sick beats.




2Chan is an integral part of our operations, reminding us to take regular breaks and keeping us company in the event that we have to work late into the night. Ironically, his enthusiasm for sleep is quite contagious.

Speciality: Stretching between naps.

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